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Completely revised and up-to-date coverage of

Multithreadingincluding the java.util.concurrent library, locks, condition objects, futures, thread pools, thread-safe collections, threads and Swing

Collection classescollections framework, concrete collections, and generic utility methods

Annotations and metadatausing annotations to automate programming tasks, JDK™ 5.0 standard annotations, the apt tool for source-level annotation processing, and bytecode engineering

Advanced Swing and AWTlists, trees, tables, and other advanced components; image processing and printing

JavaBeans™including property editors, customizers, and long-term persistence

XMLDOM and SAX parsers, XPath, and XSL transformations

The seventh edition of Core Java™ 2, Volume II, covers advanced user-interface programming and the enterprise features of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE™). Like Volume I (which covers the most important language and library features), this book has been completely updated and revised for J2SE 5.0. All of the sample programs have been updated and carefully crafted to illustrate practical solutions to the type of real-world problems professional developers encounter.

Java 2 焦点技术 卷1卷2 CHM版

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  • Java 2 核心技术 卷1卷2 CHM版


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